An Ode to Winter

O Winter! How I forget about your quiet days!

How I forget about your silent snow!

And hours without craze!

For this seems to all be a haze

Of sun rays

In my fragile state

It’s not a fact that I can debate

Luckily, weather has a constant rate of change

Even where I live, where it can be strange

Where it rains then hails then the sun shines bright

When it’s day for weeks and then turns night

In the blink of an eye

I said goodbye to our time

Which felt sublime

And subtle

Yet looking at the rubble of our memories

It’s a bigger hole in my heart

For you hung onto the trees with a gorgeous grace

You kissed my face

And took me in your arms

Cold bit by toes, but it only made me smile

I know in a little while

I’ll see you again

O Winter! How I forget your quiet days!

How I forget how much I miss you

But as for my heart, the snow always stays


I apologize for the late post. I lost my numbers. Some of my fondest memories happened in the snow. My entire family was born in winter, so we celebrate many days within the season. Nothing is more enjoyable and refreshing than the first snow, how it blankets the world in a strange quiet that can’t be replicated. Recently, I started a tradition of waking up early to walk in the first snow when I first spot it from my window. It gives me a profound sense of calm, and for one minute, the entire world holds its breath. While I embraced summer and its warmth, winter will always hold a special place in my heart.