The Monster

There is a monster that threatens to swallow me

And it comes by every day

Sometimes it hides deep inside the closet

And sometimes it sits in my way

I feel the pressure its claws press

Upon my shoulders until I carry it

The monster whispers wicked lies into my head

Until everything feels like shit

The monster spreads out days to weeks

And crunches hours into a flash

It turns compliments into whispers

And reprimands into something rash

The monster causes tears in my eyes

Which drown the back of my mind

In between that and the days I’m barely swimming

And I just want to leave it all behind

I’m scared that I’ll give in like I did before

And let the monster eat me whole

I worry that my days will be months

And I’ll lose a part of my soul

The monster scares me more than a failing grade

Yet it exists inside that too

Along with disappointed sighs and missed out meetings

And uncertainty of what to do

There is a monster that threatens to swallow me

And for now it sits in my heart

I can hear the beat ba-bump away

But what about when it won’t start?


I’m trying to get back into rhyming poetry, and I apologize for none of it being positive. I hope to expand my portfolio of subjects soon, although life is busy. We shall see.