A sweater replaced you

Because the sweater makes me feel better

It slips out of my grip

While you just keep holding on

I told you to hold only once

You’re like a leech

It sucks my life

I try to take it in strife

But I’m just done

However, a new problem has begun

I can’t stay away from you for long

Anxiety spikes, and it’s the same song

Over and over again

Other stuff starts to set in

And soon it’s just stagnant water

I don’t want to bother you with my problems

So I write nonsensical sentences

Hoping that you’ll know what I’m trying to say

My mirror’s broken

I feel too outspoken

The spokes on my wheels keep turn turn turning

And I’m learning how to say goodbye

And leaning into my sweater

It makes me feel better

Than your face ever did


I have an old, worn sweater that I wear constantly. I believe everyone has some sort of garment they wear constantly, either as a reminder or comfort. While there are things I wear daily, such as the ring on my finger or pencil behind my ear, they don’t carry as much value as the sweater does. This is another poem from the set I keep locked away, but it brings a little comfort in the same way my sweater goes. Hold on to the things that make you smile or warm, even when it seems nothing is there.