The Play

I sat with a standing ovation

And clapped between my thoughts

The darkness was a blinding light

And everything that was was not

The play was a ridiculous notion

Serious beyond compare

The lead had the shortest cut

With the longest hair

The love interest bemoaned and wailed

With tears of joy in her eyes

As if she was unaffected

By her utter surprise

This play was written upside down

And read downside up

When I walked out into the autumn morning

Spring started rightside up

I wandered aimlessly

With purpose in every step

I forgot what I wanted to write about

But remembered how it went

So I wrote it without applause between my thoughts

As a crowd roared between each ear

So I can tell you that it started there

Yet it also began here


To make up for my absence, I have written two poems for the day. This one came from my writer’s group, with the prompt “write a poem/story in which everything is opposite”. I drew inspiration from The Dying Fisherman’s Song and decided to write a slightly whimsical poem about an audience member observing an extreme comedy of errors. Excuse the strange cadence, for writing opposites and rhyming is much more difficult than it appears to be. I have much more respect for Lewis Carroll after attempting this.