Little Love

I feel a strange little love for you

That I don’t quite understand

I feel a little odd when I talk to you

Yet I know exactly where we stand

I see a lot of people’s tears and cry

Because their hurt feels like mine

I think you carry more than you show

And you’ll tell me with time

I want to understand my heart

Like I do my head

I want to know why you have a piece

Yet bring back memories long dead

I know I love you unconventionally

Neither for sex or romance

But a great protective feeling in my heart

Tells me to take a chance

I want to hold you close and feel you cry

Because I can see it in your chest

I want to talk over tea and understand

What you think is best

But this is a difficult situation to be in

Because I’ve been it before

The goal is to not get too attached

Or it burns you to your core

But shit, I think you’ve piqued my interest

Because I feel a strange little love

That makes me want to cry and embrace you

But I still must wear my gloves


There’s an emotion I can’t describe that sits in my heart. It only comes out when I pass certain people, and this was my attempt at conveying it after talking with a dear friend of mine. I think it’s almost a nurturing love, like one feels for their child, but sometimes with complete strangers. Whatever it is, it almost feels like the full spectrum of human emotion compacted into a handful of seconds. I wouldn’t change that for the world.