Life’s Unfair

What’s the point of doing something when you’re not there

That’s kind of unfair

Because you see

I had a love that used to precede

The way I felt about you

The love of learning, of what I do

But now, all I can think about is how you’re not the there

To watch me fly right through the air

I think of your moves and the fight you give

I think about how I can’t continue to live

In this little weird space

Where my heart wants when my head says no

I can’t think about the opposites that continue to grow

I can’t keep thinking about you at night

I can’t let the sun set and keep you in my sight

Because in the end, I just know I’ll get hurt

Leaving my head in the clouds and my heart in the dirt

Because I feel the little pain when you’re not there

It makes me bitter because life’s unfair

I didn’t ask to think you’re great

I didn’t ask for something I hate

I didn’t want to feel this way

I didn’t want to wake up and anticipate this day

And dread it all the same

Please stop the game

You’re not even playing

I can’t keep praying

That we’ll have a moment to ourselves

To work out how we feel

Instead, I’ll just mourn when you’re absent

And let life’s unfairness seem a little more real


I don’t do well with wanting. Perhaps it makes for better poetry, but I’m not sure. Although I’m not putting out the best work right now, I do have some writings and I consider that a win.