Please don’t take my mind away

Like you did once before

Please don’t put it back on the scale

And mark down the score

Please don’t take my soul away

Because I need that too

Please give me guidance otherwise

Because I don’t know what to do

I hear about the kids like me

Lined up and ready to test

I hear about kids like me

Breaking their hearts for bests

Please don’t take their minds away

Because you took half of mine

Standard education precedes memory

Yet has also put me behind

So when I hear about the latest test

And I feel the tears begin to start

Know that you are taking a child’s soul

And hurting a piece of my heart

Please don’t take their souls away

Because that life is such a beautiful thing

Please don’t make us go through this again

But I’ll see you in the spring


I dislike current public education. It started out as a wonderful theory, much like communism, capitalism, movies based off SNL skits, and Chuck E. Cheese, but like everything mentioned above, it eventually warped. I recently went to a meeting where we spoke about standardized tests and their institution. I felt like I was in fourth grade again, trying desperately to get a good score because I believe the SBAC meant everything to my future. Now, there are kids experiencing the same emotions, the same memories. Please don’t take their minds away, and even if you do, never quantify that life.