A Million Conversations

I have a million conversations

That never come to pass

I blame it on my cowardice

My excuse that life moves too fast

I have a million interactions

That will never come to fruition

Because I redirected my focus

To my hobbies or tuition

I have a million times I’ve held my tongue

And a million I’ve stopped my voice

I’ve always been so frustrated

And acted like I had no choice

And I’m not getting any braver

But every day my regret grows

I have a million thoughts running through my head

Yet only a handful I’ll ever show

So know that when I speak to you

And my words get jumbled or fall

I’ve got a million conversations to think of

And I can’t separate them all


I think about talking to people a lot. Perhaps it comes with just overthinking, I’m unsure. But I pass a lot of people, and I think about how so many people don’t believe they are loved, when people fall in love with strangers every day. I think about saying “I love you” to every stranger I’ve ever met sometimes because of it. However, I know that I couldn’t separate that conversation from the millions of others in my head.