A Goblin Story

Once I met a goblin
Whose grin was made of slime
He bared his teeth at me and said,
“One day you’ll be mine!”
So I shaved off all my hair
I would never feel his claws through my locks
I cut sloppy lines across my arms
And wore mismatching socks
I grew angry cold and distant
At any attention, I snapped
Because men like the goblin disgust me
So I always felt a little trapped
I didn’t deserve a king
Back when I coveted my looks
So I withdrew from the real world
And buried myself in books
For the handsome princes were kind
And never broke a heart
The ones I knew were goblins inside
Yet seemed so sweet at the start
I came back to the goblin
Filled with disgust and pride
He just mirrored my smile
And said, “Now you’ll be my bride!”
I frowned and gestured to my head
He said he didn’t care
I showed him the scars on my skin
He said he had his share
I yelled and cried and screamed at him
To demonstrate my ugly inside
He gave me another grin
“I know what you’re trying to hide
“You’re sick of broken hearts
And the little ugly lies
For people are the ugliest
Who swarm around like flies
I don’t care what you look like
You’re beautiful to me
There’s a fire inside you
That desperately wants to be free
I can see that light and I want the flame
Even if it will burn
Even goblins have hearts
If you say yes, you’ll learn”
Once I married a goblin
Whose grin wasn’t made of slime
Because he was more beautiful than any prince
And I’m proud to call him mine


A poem I dug out of the digital basement of my laptop and figured it was sweet enough to share. I’m proud to have my lovely goblin, both the physical and spiritual ones I keep forefront in my mind. Unconventional love stories, anyone?

By griffalice

A poet, an artist, and an explorer.

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